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Introducing the newest member of the Pulstar Family - the p400!

Synrad is pleased to announce the extension to its highly acclaimed t-series. This water-cooled laser delivers a range of average power from 60 to 100W in a compact footprint making it an ideal laser source for integration in OEM systems. While keeping all the other performance attributes the same as the ti-100W version, it guarantees warm power stability of <+/-2%, making this an ideal laser choice in applications which are sensitive to power density fluctuations such as electronics film processing, 3D printing, and denim fabric marking. [Read more]


We're not just making big pulse lasers, introducing the firestar ti100 with fan-cooled option, 100 watts average CW power for ultimate versatility.

Synrad is pleased to announce the addition of the ti100f to its highly acclaimed Firestar ti-Series line of CO2 lasers. This fan-cooled laser delivers >100W of average power in a compact, lightweight footprint making it an ideal laser source for integration in OEM systems. It also offers our customers additional flexibility in cooling options. This laser can be mounted either horizontally or vertically in stationary or dynamic systems, making it an extremely versatile choice for your needs. ti100 is ideally suited for high-speed marking, cutting, coding and engraving applications in rugged industrial environments.

For more information about the new FIrestar ti100 fan CO2 laser, visit the ti100 fan-cooled product page!


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