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Laser operation occurs when a medium (in our case CO2) is excited within a chamber. Ours is a sealed metal tube. This light is focused to a small, intense beam that may be used for cutting or "writing" on variety of materials.

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Synrad's patented
all-metal tube

Lasers function as components within a system and are commonly used in such applications as Engraving, Cutting, Marking and even 3D Prototyping.

Synrad lasers have operated in excess of 45,000 hours and are still going strong. Our sealed CO2 lasers are able to work non-stop, 24-hours-a-day for years without any maintenance. This reliability is due to our "all metal" tube technology, which ensures high laser gas purity and longer laser life. Once the laser has reached the end of its useful life, a simple, inexpensive gas refill restores the laser to full power. Compact and ruggedly built, Synrad lasers are able to function in the harshest industrial conditions.

Lasers are precision tools. A laser never comes into contact with the material it is working on - only its beam does. With focused spots as small as .002" possible, damage commonly caused by mechanical machines - touching, dragging or tearing a material's surface - is totally avoided.

Synrad lasers are extremely cost effective and very affordable. There are no mechanical or moving parts to wear out or breakdown. There's no maintenance required, either. Production downtime is reduced and there are no consumables to replace. Factor in long operating lifetimes, low operating costs, and you have a very persuasive reason to consider Synrad lasers. More over, since Synrad is the world's leader in manufacturing CO2 lasers, you benefit from the low prices our volume production allows.

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