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Since its start in 1984, Synrad has delivered more CO2 lasers to industry than any other manufacturer. Founded by Peter Laakmann, who pioneered the RF-excited CO2 laser, Synrad has come to be recognized as a leader in the development of sealed CO2 lasers and electro-optics technologies. Based on our patented “All Metal” tube technology, there are now well over 250,000 Synrad lasers in use throughout the world.

Engineered for incorporation into a wide range of equipment, Synrad lasers are used in a wide variety of industrial applications, including marking, coding, engraving, cutting, and converting on a wide range of target materials. Reliability, ruggedness, and near maintenance-free operation are the hallmark of our lasers. Whether your job calls for the accurate cutting of high-tech materials, high-speed marking or coding of packaged goods, or precision-based removal of target materials, Synrad has the laser to meet your needs.

Located north of Seattle in Mukilteo, Washington, Synrad operates on a simple philosophy - enable new applications for sealed CO2 laser technology worldwide by engineering reliable solutions that consistently deliver precise results quickly and efficiently.

Synrad is part of the Novanta Inc. family of companies, the leading global supplier of core technology solutions that give medical and advanced industrial original equipment manufacturers ("OEMs") a competitive advantage. We combine deep proprietary technology expertise and competencies in photonics, vision and precision motion with a proven ability to solve complex technical challenges. This enables Novanta to engineer core components and sub-systems that deliver extreme precision and performance, tailored to our customer's demanding applications. The driving force behind our growth is the team of innovative professionals who share a commitment to innovation and customer success. Novanta's common shares are quoted on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol "NOVT".


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Our Workstyle

At Synrad, we work extremely hard to exceed the expectations of our customers, both externally and internally. Synrad designs and manufacturers high-performance CO2 lasers that our customers integrate into a very broad array of industrial and medical applications. Our success requires that we recruit, train and motivate a wide range of exceptional professionals with specialized skill sets and talents.

We are equally passionate about innovation and continuous improvement in all areas of our business.

At Synrad, we regularly conduct "kaizen" events to brainstorm improvement ideas that include operations, technicians, engineers, sales, service professionals and managers to streamline processes, ensure operating efficiency, and improve the quality of our customers' experience.

Each Synrad employee has a voice, the power to drive improvement, and is a stakeholder in our success. The dedication and drive of our people naturally yield close working relationships and fosters an atmosphere of cooperation, commitment, and fun. We work hard, celebrate our successes, learn from our stumbles, and always drive forward.

Customers choose us because we deliver effective and lasting solutions to their most complex process challenges. Our people make this happen regularly, and I am impressed with the commitment to quality and dedication to success that I see every day.

Charlie Webster
President and General Manager

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Our Community

Energy Efficiency

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Synrad is passionate about improving energy efficiency. In 2018, Synrad joined an “Energy Savings Cohort” that is led by the Snohomish County Public Utility District (PUD) and Energy Smart Industrial. Synrad is working with the PUD to map its energy usage and identify multiple actions to improve efficiency. Projects such as this enable the PUD to serve more customers without building further power generation capacity. Synrad’s goal is to reduce its energy consumption by over eight percent in the first year, even as production volumes continue to grow to meet our customer demands.









Synrad sponsors several scholarships in Photonics at Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech). Located just outside of Seattle, WA, LWTech was founded in 1949, and is the only public institute of technology in the state of Washington. LWTech offers eight applied bachelor’s degrees, over 40 associate degrees and 90 professional certificates, including STEM-focused programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, to more than 6,500 students per year.

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