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Engraving creates depth into the surface of a material by removing the material substrate leaving a depression. This can be useful for marking materials that do not change color when absorbing CO2 laser light, since it creates a shadowing effect that provides contrast. Engraving is a common type of laser “mark”, creating deeper marks more resistant to wear for coding or serialization. Engraving is the least efficient laser mark due to the increased time required to remove material.


The beauty and accuracy of laser engraving easily seen in wood occurs with some browning and/or charring controlled with the laser. Minute variations in surface heights and the ability to add fine texture variations delivers detailed engravings that mechanical processes cannot achieve. During engraving, the laser-processed wood is either vaporized or reduced to very fine particles. Recommended lasers:


Most plastics can be engraved with a CO2 laser. Laser engraving thermoplastics are especially useful since CO2 laser light does not cause a color change, and marking is achieved through engraving. The visibility of the engraved mark is via a shadowing effect that creates the visible contrast. Recommended lasers:

Paper & Paperboard

Engraving paper or multi-layer marking is the selective removal of the upper layer to reveal the colored layer beneath. The target paper material contains multiple layers of different colored papers so the change in surface depth reveals the alternate color. The laser’s advantage here is the accuracy and precision of pattern targeted for removal plus the vaporization of the engraved material. Recommended lasers:


Composite materials popular in commercial and residential countertops is formed from a combination of natural or recycled materials and water-based resin. Due to variations of different composite material, laser engraving is dependent on the exact composition of the specific material to avoid discoloration and charring. Synrad offers a wide variety of CO2 lasers that ensure optimal engraving results. Recommended lasers:

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