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Closed Loop Stabilization Kit

The Closed Loop Stabilizer kits include a beam sampler and closed-loop control system that stabilize the output power of Synrad’s water-cooled 48-1 and 48-2 lasers. Performance of the system is typically ±2%. They are factory installed, and power to the kit is provided through a wall plug transformer delivering 24VDC.

A beam-splitter internal to the sampler diverts 8% of the output beam to a diffuser and thermo-pile detector. The thermo-pile detector signal is amplified within the sampling enclosure to a 1 to 12V signal level. A remotely located controller generates a variable duty cycle 5 kHz signal to maintain a constant average power of the laser. On a custom basis, the control frequency can be raised to 20 kHz for less optical ripple.

The power “set point” can be adjusted on the uc-2000 to provide a laser output between approximately 20% and 80% of full power. This 20% window on either side of the range allows the UC-2000 to maintain full dynamic power regulation. Within the dynamic response time of the system, the UC-2000 can be gated from an external low-frequency signal source. Servo settling time (to 90% of final value) is approximately 2 msec.

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To purchase the Closed Loop Stabilization Kit, please contact a Synrad Sales Manager.

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