High Performance CO2 Lasers

Synrad offers a broad range of CO2 lasers. Each laser Series offers multiple models, providing you with options in power, wavelength, size and more. Synrad lasers are proven performers, operating around the world, year after year with minimal interruption. Synrad’s manufacturing facility in Mukilteo, WA USA is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Using some of the most sophisticated equipment available Synrad tests its lasers, ensuring consistent quality for our customers and users.

5 Watts
32 Series
10 - 50 Watts
48 Series
30 & 40 Watts
v Series
30 & 40 Watts
vi Series

60 to 100 Watts

ti Series
200 Watts
f Series
400 Watts
i Series
100 W to 1 kW Pulse
p Series

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