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f Series: 200W Lasers

Engineered for cost-effective 200W output for cutting, perforating, and drilling applications. The fully integrated laser/RF design minimizes size and weight; perfect for mounting on robotic arms and high-speed marking systems, or full integration into flatbed cutting systems. With fully integrated RF supplies and clean, simple interfaces to water-cooling and control signals, f Series lasers minimize integration time while providing maximum flexibility for system designers, OEM manufacturers, and full turnkey system providers.

Model f201
Output Power

>200W @ 10.2 µm

>200W @10.6 µm

Mode Quality M2 < 1.2
Rise Time < 150 µsec
Beam Diameter 4.5 mm + 0.1 mm
Beam Divergence (full angle) 4.0mR + 0.2mR
Wavelength 10.2 µm/10.6 µm
Power Stability from cold start (guaranteed)/after 2 min. (typical) +7%/+5%
Cooling Water
Heat Load (max) 4000W
Input Voltage/Current 96 VDC/36A
Dimensions inches (mm) 45.9 x 8.6 x 6.5 (1166 x 218 x 165)
Weight 96 lbs./43.5 kg
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