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Fenix Flyer: 2-Axis Scanning System

Based pm Synrad's 48-2, 25W CO2 laser, Fenix Flyer incorporates a galvo-based marking head plus internal cooling fans and power supplies in a self-contained system. Fenix Flyer creates crisp, clear marks on glass, plastics, metals, wood and countless other materials at speeds up to 7620 mm per second.

  • Plugs directly into a standard electrical outlet
  • USB connection eliminates that need for an interface card, simplifying set-up. Once configured (through the USB connection), Fenix Flyer can then communicate with the computer, server or network vi Ethernet interface
  • Rugged, cast aluminum end caps, a simplified control panel, and enhanced user interface on the rear panel
  • Choose from four different lenses that covers the range of focal lengths from 370 mm for maximum coverage area, down to 80 mm for applications where fine mark detail is required
  • Controlled by Synrad's powerful Windows®-based software WinMark Pro®

IMPORTANT - As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, Synrad is transitioning production of the Fenix Flyer 2-Axis Scanning System to the newer FH Flyer and v30 Laser Kit. See the Product Retirement Notification for more information on updating to the FH Flyer and v30 Laser Kit.


Focusing Lens Size 370 mm 200 mm 125 mm 80 mm
Field Size, typical (mm) 241 x 297 134 x 165 87.5 x 105.6 33.5 x 41.2
Spot Size 1/e2 (µm) 540 290 180 116
Working Distance, typical (mm) 350 + 5 190 + 3 128 + 2 74 + 1
Depth of filed, typical (mm) + 10 + 2.5 + 1.5 + 0.4
Scan Speed (ips/mm sec) 195 ips/4953 mm/s 300 ips/7620 mm/s 300 ips/7620 mm/s 300 ips/7620 mm/s


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