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FH Flyer: 2-Axis Scanning Head

An effective CO2 laser marking, engraving, and cutting solution for OEMs and System Integrators alike. The FH Flyer marks at speeds up to 300 ips (7620 mm/s) in either static (index) or dynamic (tracking) laser-marking applications. A simple pre-aligned mounting kit pairs the FH Flyer with any Synrad CO2 laser from 10 to 150 W to accomplish a wide range of applications, making integration fast and easy.

  • All digital technology delivers fast, precise marking
  • Simplified set-up with pre-aligned mounting kit for 10 W to 150 W lasers
  • Built-in Ethernet interface to communicate with the marking computer, a server, or network share with additional Input/Output capability
  • User-accessible, fully isolated 15V power source for powering external I/O devices
  • Built-in gas purge port provides a connection point for purge gas to lower the risk of contaminating internal optical surfaces to ensure consistent processing performance
  • Optional four-position L-bracket allows users to easily mount the Flyer head in its standard position (lens down) as well as in +90, –90, and 180 degree rotations


Specifications - Focusing Lens Size

Focusing Lens Size 370 mm 200 mm 125 mm 125 mm HP* 80 mm
Field Size, max (mm) 241 x 297 134 x 165 85.7 x 105.6 80.4 x 99 33.5 x 41.2
Spot Size 1/e2 (µm) 540 290 180 180 116
Working Distance1, typical (mm) 350 + 5 190 + 3 128 + 2 125 + 2 74 + 1
Depth of Field, typical (mm) + 10 + 2.5 + 1.5 + 1.5 + 0.4
Scan Speed (ips/mm sec) 300 ips/7620 mm/s 300 ips/7620 mm/s 300 ips/7620 mm/s 300 ips/7620 mm/s 195 ips/4953 mm/s

1 - The typical focal length (working distance) is marked on each lens mount since the actual working distance may vary from lens to lens. For this reason, it is important to provide a Z-axis adjustment between the FH Series Marking Head and the marking surface. Consult your marking head’s final test report for the actual measured working distance.

* - 125mm lens for use with lasers 40 watts and higher.

Additional Specifications

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Data Sheet Click here to download
Operators Manual Click here to download
Quick Start Guide Quick Start Guide FH Flyer WMP6 Click here to download
Technical Drawings

FH Flyer Click here to download

FH Flyer + 48-1/2 Click here to download

FH Flyer + 48-5 Click here to download

FH Flyer + p100 Click here to download

FH Flyer + ti100 (fan) Click here to download

FH Flyer + v30 Click here to download

FH Flyer + v40 Click here to download



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WinMark Pro USB Installer Click here to download




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