Technical Drawings

Synrad provides detailed outline drawings and mounting options for its products as listed here. The files listed below contain the detailed outline drawings and measurements of the product package. If you require 3D CAD files (SOLIDWORKS® or IGES) of a particular model, please send us your request using the Contact Us button at the bottom of this page.

CO2 Lasers

5 Watts
32 Series
10-50 Watts
48 Series
30 & 40 Watts
v Series
30 & 40 Watts
vi Series

60 to 100 Watts

ti Series
200 Watts
f Series
400 Watts
i Series
100 W to 1kW Pulse
p Series

Scanning Heads

Flyer 3D 3-Axis
Flyer 3D Kits
Fenix Flyer

FH Flyer 2-Axis

FH Flyer Kits


Bean Expanders
Power Supplies
Closed Loop Kit

Laser Controllers

Visible Diode Pointer
Visible Diode Pointer

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