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Laser Process Calculator


The Synrad Laser Processing Calculator not only allows you to evaluate the feasibility of laser cutting applications (with better predictive algorithms and visual feedback for various material types), but it now includes the ability to evaluate simple laser marking applications.

Simply select a material type, enter a few application parameters, and then select a laser power to see how quickly the process can be completed. The results include a description of the cutting or marking operation along with speed and/or cycle time information and a photograph showing results of actual laser processing on the selected material.

Click here to try the Laser Processing Calculator for yourself.


Note: The Synrad Beam Propagation Tool requires the Java Version 8 (or newer) runtime installed on your PC. If necessary, click the Java download button below to download the latest version.

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Disclaimer: This calculator is only meant to act as a general guide as to what is required for an application. Your results may vary depending upon material consistency, optical setup, and your ability to accurately maintain the required laser processing tolerances in a production environment. Cycle-times for marking are based on the Standalone operation mode of Flyer. Marking while tethered to a PC may add extra delays.



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