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Beam Propagation Tool

The Synrad Beam Propagation Tool allows you to quickly estimate what spot size and depth of focus range can be obtained from different Synrad laser models in conjunction with various beam expanders and final focusing lenses. This is useful for initial feasibility studies of various optical setups or just as a general teaching tool.

Click here to try the Synrad Beam Propagation Tool for yourself.

Note: the Synrad Beam Propagation Tool requires the Java Version 8 (or newer) runtime installed on your PC. If necessary click the Java download link below to get the latest version.

Download Java®

Disclaimer: This program is only meant as an approximation tool and does not guarantee performance of a final integrated system. Beam characteristics can vary slightly for each individual laser. Thus this tool assumes average beam characteristics that fall in the middle of the range of accepted values for that particular laser model type. For any final optical design of an integrated production system always consult your beam delivery supplier and use a professional optical design software package such as Synopsis CODE V or Zemax OpticStudio.



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