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Applications Testing

Synrad offers CO2 laser application testing to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), laser system integrators, material manufacturers, processors, and end users of automated machinery. We are CO2 laser experts, and understand the parameters that will ensure successful, efficient CO2 laser processing. Using the latest high performance Synrad CO2 lasers, our Applications Engineers will determine the optimal laser power, wavelength, and processing know-how to achieve the desired results. Based on your specific requirements, and using actual materials and/or parts, Synrad Application Engineers will conduct tests using multiple laser configurations and settings to determine the best match for your laser processing needs. We have the added ability to investigate new laser techniques, test new materials for laser-process-ability, and solve laser processing challenges.
Applications testing services are provided at no cost to qualified users, and there is no purchase obligation. We are confident that users will realize the benefits of our high performance CO2 lasers, and will see the advantage and value when integrating Synrad lasers in their processing systems. Testing is done on actual user-supplied materials and/or parts to ensure results. An Application Test Report and tested sample materials or parts will be provided upon completion of the testing. Requesting an applications test is simple and easy:

  1. Start by clicking “Test Request” below, complete all sections of the request form, and click Submit.
  2. Your request will be sent directly to a Regional Sales Engineer, your point of contact.
  3. Your Sales Engineer will reach back to you, address any questions and provide submission instructions for your test material or parts.
  4. The actual application test will take place in the appropriate Regional Applications Lab. An Applications Engineer may also contact you directly with questions about your testing needs.
  5. When the test is complete your Sales Engineer will contact you, and provide you with the Application Test Report and tested samples or parts.

Request Application Test

Application testing is done on a first-come-first-serve basis. Typical application testing takes 2 weeks from receipt of test samples. Some testing may require a longer test period, due to the complexity of the test requirements.

Test Materials and Parts - Successful testing of your materials or parts may require testing at multiple power levels and wavelengths. During the test process, scrapping materials and parts will occur as we determine the optimal configuration and processes to achieve your processing goals. For a thorough analysis, our Applications Engineers will provide guidance on the quantity of sample material or parts required for testing. All unused material or parts will be returned upon request. 

Regional Applications Labs

Synrad maintains three Application Labs, strategically positioned to serve application testing globally. Each lab is staffed with Application Engineers and equipment to support a wide range of testing. All three Applications Labs are in direct contact with each other and centrally managed through our headquarters in Washington state, USA. The testing site is determined by the location of the requesting organization, as indicated on the request form. Requests for application testing is coordinated through our Regional Sales offices by Sales Engineers.

Americas Apps Lab Icon EUR Apps Lab Icon China Apps Lab Icon
Mukilteo, WA USA Munich, Germany Guangdong, PRC

Test Equipment - Each Applications Lab is equipped with a full range of Synrad high performance CO2 lasers and scanning heads to cover a broad spectrum of materials and applications. A range of XY gantry systems, beam delivery systems (cutting and marking heads), power meters and diode pointers complement our lasers and scanning heads. To analyze laser processing results, Applications Engineers utilize microscopes. IR spectrometers, and barcode readers.

In-Person Application Testing - direct participation in the applications test is available at any regional Synrad Applications Lab. When filling out your request form please indicate if you prefer to participate in the testing. Direct participation is encouraged for new processing systems and/or applications. The advantage being a real-time interaction that can result in faster, more efficient communication and alternative problem solving.  All travel and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of the party requesting the test.

Application Test Results

Our goal with every applications test is to deliver precise information that answers your laser processing questions in a timely manner. With each application test Synrad Application Engineers provide answers to five critical, practical laser processing questions:

  1. Is the process feasible with a CO2 laser?
  2. What are the optimal laser power and wavelength for this application?
  3. What type of CO2 laser (continuous wave or pulsed) is best suited for this application?
  4. What level of quality will the CO2 laser deliver in this application?
  5. What throughput speed is achievable with the recommended laser type?

In addition to the five critical questions above, Synrad Application Engineers can also provide guidance on laser beam delivery, installation, mounting, and cooling. Test results are delivered in a detailed report along with laser processed samples.

Sample Application Test Report

Innovation Advantage

With more than 25 years of CO2 laser engineering experience, Synrad has had the benefit of establishing new processes and applications for our high performance CO2 lasers. We welcome the opportunity to work with OEMs, integrators, and end users to define and systematize new CO2 laser applications to improve process-ability and manufacturing efficiency. 

The Novanta advantage - as a Novanta company, Synrad has unique access to advanced industry expertise and laser related products. Novanta enables the manufacture, inspection, and testing of many of the world’s most sophisticated products. Advancements in materials science, manufacturing processes, semiconductor manufacturing, and software drive the need for improvements in the precision, speed, size, quality, and reliability of critical manufacturing processes. Novanta’s photonics, vision and precision motion component and subsystem solutions meet these needs in growth markets, including Fine Material Processing, Electronics, Metrology, and Robotics & Factory Automation.



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