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The latest updates on high performance CO2 lasers and processing application news for OEMs, system integrators, and laser system users.

New Offices in Garching, Germany

New Offices in Garching, Germany

Take a tour of the new Novanta office and Application Testing Lab In Garching, Germany that supports Synrad, Cambridge Technology, Celera Motion, NDS and Jadak.

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Ennco Display Synrad laser

Case Study: Ennco Cutting Edge Technology

Ennco Display Group in Redmond, Washington uses a Synrad i401 CO2 laser on a customized XY gantry system creating a unique industrial cutting system that improves efficiency while adding industry-leading flexibility.

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Synrad laser marking laminated foil pouches

Laser Coding Laminated Aluminum Foil Pouches

Transparent polyethylene or polypropylene film laminated to aluminum foil for packaging enables heat sealing and creates a good surface for non-contact marking and coding with a high performance CO2 laser.

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Synrad laser coding on ink coated cardstock

Laser Coding on Ink Coated Cardstock

Synrad CO2 lasers are very well suited to ablating many common inks used on cardstock, leaving behind a crisp, white mark. Low power CO2 laser marking is perfect for applying ID info or expiration dates.

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Synrad laser coding polypropylene coated paperboard

Laser Coding Polypropylene Coated Paperboard

Polypropylene (PP) is often laminated to paperboard for extra durability and waterproofing. Ensuring that the laser energy is absorbed only in the top surface to maintain packaging integrity is essential.

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Laser marking PET bottles

Laser Coding on PET Beverage Bottles

Marking PET bottles with date codes and batch numbers is a common practice in the beverage industry. Synrad 9.3-µm wavelength CO2 lasers produce a higher contrast mark easily read close-up, and at a distance.

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Synrad laser marking on printed metallic foil labels

Laser Coding on Printed Metallic Foil Labels

Laser marking adds the ability to add customized information including date codes or lot numbers on-the-fly at the time of actual product packaging. Synrad high performance CO2 lasers make the perfect non-contact marking tool for automated packaging lines.

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Synrad metallic finish on plastic using a laser

Metallic Finish on Plastic

Partnering with Synrad Application Engineers, a major manufacturer of laser marking machines created a new system that delivers a metal-like finish on plastic cell phone frames. The high-quality finish reduces cost and weight while improving usability.

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Synrad real time laser monitoring

Real-Time Laser Monitoring

Constructing smart manufacturing platforms networked to analytical information systems to ensure optimum operating efficiency is central to Industry 4.0. Synrad offers high performance, mid poser CO2 lasers equipped with real-time performance monitoring capability.

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Synrad wide area laser engraving

Wide Area Laser Engraving

Marking large areas, up to 1084 mm x 993 mm is fast and easy with Flyer 3D and a high performance CO2 laser from Synrad. A perfectly matched laser marking sub-system that eliminates complex alignment of separate components that is ready to go right out of the box.

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Synrad PCB marking source

Smaller PCB Marking Source

The new 32-1 ultra-compact 5 W CO2 laser easily fits into tight spaces and onto weight sensitive marking and coding systems. Reliable operation in a wide range of conditions with a maximum ambient operating temperature of 40° C.

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Synrad digital fabric processing

Digital Fabric Processing

In the booming activewear segment, performance and unique designs drive sales. Laser processing systems cut and perforate high-tech fabrics while sealing edges to prevent fraying and enabling on-the-fly changes.

Synrad laser applications testing

Laser Applications Testing

Each laser processing application is unique, and matching the right laser to the application is critical. Synrad Applications Labs provide a variety of testing services to validate laser applications, and identify optimal lase equipment specifications.

Synrad simplified laser upgrades

Simplified Upgrades

Synrad offers a unique selection of air-cooled lasers from 30 W to 100 W, engineered with the same beam output height and common 48 VDC input power. This alignment across multiple models enables faster, easier upgrades for OEMs, system integrators, and laser users.

Synrad digital cutting

Digital Cutting Advancements

Replace traditional mechanical cutting systems with a high performance CO2 laser and a fully digital galvanometer scan head for non-contact cutting with change-on-the-fly capability. Digital cutting systems offer operating cost savings sought by OEMs and system integrators seeking solutions for shorter runs with added flexibility.

Synrad maximize laser label cutting throughput

Maximize Digital Cutting Throughput

Laser label cutting adds flexibility to your label making system, maintaining throughput speed is key to profitability. Understanding the absorption characteristics of any given label material is key to achieving optimal laser cutting quality and throughput speed.


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