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What A CO2 Laser Can Do For Packaging

What A CO2 Laser Can Do For Packaging

Packaging World Technology Minute interview discusses how digitally-controlled high performance CO2 lasers execute a wide range of packaging tasks. Learn why certain laser performance parameters are important to you, and how you can select the most appropriate laser for your packaging applications to guarantee top quality results.

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Synrad CO2 Laseranwendungen für die Automobilindustrie

Die perfekte Lösung fur hochautomatisierte Anwendungen, die den höchsten Qualitätsstandards entsprechen müssen und die beste Effzienz ihrer Klasse gewahrleisten. Ob Entgraten, Entschichten, Markieren, Gravieren oder Schneiden, zuverlässige Synrad Hochleistungs-CO2-Laser helfen, diese hoch anspruchvollen Anwendugen zu lösen.

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Selecting the right CO2 laser

Selecting The Right CO2 Laser For Your Application

There are many factors to consider when selecting and designing a CO2 laser processing system, including laser performance specifications, cooling methods, and beam delivery. Synrad's applications centers are an excellent resource to help you determine the right laser for your application.

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Synrad CO2 Lasers for Packaging

Synrad Lasers Help Manufacturers Meet New Packaging Demands 

The digital printing revolution has forever changed the landscape of the label and packaging industry, challenging manufacturers to meet demands for high design flexibility, and shorter time to market. Synrad high performance CO2 lasers offer on-the-fly customization, zero contact processing, and repeatable quality results.

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Synrad Marking and Coding

The Advantages of CO2 Laser Marking & Coding

Synrad high performance CO2 lasers deliver clean, legible, permanent marks and codes on a wide variety of consumer items and industrial parts. Optimized for high-speed processing, Synrad CO2 lasers eliminate consumables and maintenance costs associated with traditional marking and coding methods.

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Synrad CO2 Lasers for Automotive Applications

Synrad CO2 Laser Applications for the Automotive Industry

The perfect solution for highly automated applications that need to comply with the highest quality standards and maintain best in class effectiveness. Whether degating, coating removal, marking, engraving or cutting, reliable Synrad high performance CO2 lasers help to solve these highly demanding applications. 

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Advantages of laser processing for packaging and converting

Advantages of CO2 Laser Processing

Packaging World Technology Minute interview answers the most common questions about the advantages of CO2 laser processing for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). 

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CO2 Laser Converting Technology Video

Understanding CO2 Laser Converting Technology

Laser converting technology expands production flexibility and lowers operating costs. Understanding the technical parameters of a modern, industrial laser system is key to unlocking the power of digital converting.

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Digital cutting with a Synrad 400 Watt CO2 Laser

Digital Cutting With A Synrad 400 Watt CO2 Laser

Unlike shorter wavelength fiber lasers, the long wavelength of the Synrad p400 high performance CO2 laser is ideally suited for cutting materials such as wood, polymers, and thin metals.

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Digital label cutting with a Synrad CO2 laser

Digital Label Cutting With A Synrad CO2 Laser

Synrad high performance CO2 lasers are an excellent tool for use in many packaging, converting, and labeling applications, especially when precision and flexibility are required.

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Marking polyurethane foam with a Synrad CO2 laser

Marking Polyurethane Foam With A CO2 Laser

Laser engraving works by ablating or vaporizing the target material with zero contact, creating permanent marks on difficult to process materials, such as polyurethane foam.

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Marking, cutting, engraving with a Synrad CO2 laser

Marking, Cutting, and Engraving With A Synrad CO2 Laser

Synrad high performance CO2 lasers are very well suited to marking, engraving and cutting many different materials.

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Marking glass with a Synrad CO2 Laser

Glass Marking With A Synrad CO2 Laser

Synrad high performance CO2 lasers are a clean alternative to sandblasting on glass. The absence of overspray and sand residue make this a much cleaner process.

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