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i Series: 400W Lasers

The smallest and most energy efficient 400W CO2 laser available. i Series delivers 400W of near-perfect beam quality with 45° linear polarization for high-precision applications. Built around a hybrid waveguide/unstable resonator i Series feature fast rise/fall times while being driven by four replaceable integrated 48V RF modules. i Series delivers immediate energy cost savings with best-in-class energy efficiency, up to 23% better than other 400 W lasers. With its single tube design, i Series weighs 24% less than competitive lasers – an important factor when mounting on moving gantry systems or robotic motion systems. The i Series includes a TCP/IP web-based Internet interface that allows access to information about LED and RF module status – including voltage, current, and temperature measurements using a standard web browser to manage laser operation and ensure optimal performance. Built-in gas purge port for easy connection to nitrogen or CDA purge systems and an internal electromechanical shutter for operator safety make i Series the ultimate OEM laser.

Model i401
Output Power 400W
Mode Quality M2<1.2
Rise Time < 100 µsec
Beam Diameter 6.0 mm + 0.6 mm
Beam Divergence (full angle) 2.5mR + 0.3mR
Wavelength 10.2 µm/10.6 µm
Power Stability from cold start (guaranteed)/after 2 min. (typical) +7%/+5%
Cooling Water
Heat Load 6000W
Input Voltage/Current 48 VDC/125A
Dimensions inches (mm) 43.8 x 8.2 x 11.8 (1227 x 208 x 300)
Weight 130 lbs./59 kg
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