About WinMark Pro Software

About WinMark Pro Software

Want to laser mark a logo contained in a graphic file? Mark a product ID number encoded in a bar code? Mark a date code? Automatically mark a part with a serial number that is read from a computer file then report back to another computer that you just marked it?

WinMark Pro laser marking software from Synrad makes all of these applications fast and easy. Developed to work exclusively with Synrad scanning systems, WinMark Pro can add serial codes on-the-fly, apply unique bar code data on every piece, and apply intricate graphics on products with ease.

WinMark Pro is included with e4very Synrad Scanning System, and updates are available via website downloads. WinMark Pro is a Windows® based software, and includes all the type fonts available through Windows. With more than a dozen embedded barcode systems, several stroke fonts for high-speed marking, and the availability to import high-resolution raster and vector graphics, WinMark Pro covers a wide variety of laser marking applications.

Thin material cutting - WinMark Pro can also accommodate detailed cutting of thin materials. Making precise, detailed laser cuts on electronic thin films, paper, plastics, and thin metals can be accomplished with WinMark Pro and the proper laser and scanning head combination. Contact Synrad for more details.


WinMark Pro Drawing Editor


Step 1: Build the application with the Drawing Editor

Powerful, property driven UI features a WYSIWIG drawing editor with intuitive toolbars for quick access to a wide range of features to control nearly every aspect of the mark. On screen help for all object properties guides users through the drawing build process, password protected editing ensure marking quality. Virtual laser marking feature ensures precise marking alignment by placing high resolution scans of your marking platform in the drawing editor to simulate the exact placement of your laser mark.

ActiveX control - available in WinMark Pro to customize and control every aspect of the laser mark. Control marking form any ActiveX compatible environment, includes MS Access, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, MS Word, and more. Users can load any customized drawing through ActiveX.

WinMark Pro Launcher


Step 2: Mark the part with the Launcher

Powerful properties window with built-in self-help enables easy modification of any marking parameter. Large library of type fonts, barcode systems, and multiple fast stroke fonts provide a wide range of coding capability. Velocity control by object up to 300 in./sec. for fast throughput, plus object scaling, rotation, and mirroring for added marking flexibility. Full control of object marking with adjustable multi-pass control, marking resolution, and timing delays. A quick, user friendly launcher application included for quick launching of marking programs.


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